All God's Creatures

God created all of the animals on the earth, the fish in the sea and the birds of the sky. Adam was to be their caretaker. God put a man in charge of caring for the animals that he created. That still has not changed today.

When my daughter was a senior in high school, they were required to do a senior project on a career they were interested in pursuing. One of her friends was interested in the beauty industry and decided to do a report on animal testing. That was a day that changed our lives forever.

My daughter came home upset she had cried so much, as well as many other students, during the videos shown that the teacher made the friends shut them off. That was how terrible it was. My daughter insisted that she show me what she had witnesses. I was appalled. I did not know this type of barbaric treatment of animals existed in the world today. If you decide to research videos of animal testing, and there are thousands available on YouTube, be prepared to cry and be sick to your stomach.

They are literally hundreds of companies in every field that test their products on animals. And for what purpose? With the technology that we have, there is no longer a reason to continue this inhumane treatment of animals.

Watching the suffering of these animals was enough for me to say, I would not be a party to this torture and suffering of animals any longer. As we used up items in the house, I would replace it with a cruelty free product. Believe me, they are easier to find than you think, and chances are that something you are already purchasing is cruelty free. In the rural area where I live, I was able to find a large section at the target in our "city". If you look, you can even find items at Walmart. I tend to purchase a lot of products from Amazon as well. (Amazon and I are BFF'S). There is a cruelty free alternative for every product you can think of. Often times, price is very similar to animal testing name brands.

Here is a small list of cruelty free items that I can purchase in my area:

Burt's Bees


Physician's Formula

Toms of Maine


LA Colors

Wet & Wild

Yes to ....



OGX Redken

Seventh Generation


Kiss My Face


Manic Panic

Again, there are literally hundreds of cruelty free companies and options for nearly everything. I even have a cruelty free "leather" purse that I purchased on Amazon. When I first started buying cruelty free, I downloaded the free bunny app. This app allows you to type or scan in a product and it tells you if they test on animals or not. Most products proudly display the cruelty free bunny on the packaging or the say "Not tested on animals". Do your research, chose products that won't add to the needless suffering of animals. It is a easy change and one for the good of all God's creatures.