Passion of Christ

Last night my daughter decided she was finally ready to watch Passion of the Christ. For me it is one of those movies, that once you watch it, it is forever burned into your memory. You never need to see it again. My husband decided that it was a great idea to watch it in place of one of our traditional Christmas movies.

I watched until Jesus was arrested and sentenced to severe punishment. After that I left the room, but I could still hear it. It was gut wrenching and heart breaking. At one point, I looked at my daughter from the kitchen and she was hiding her face away during the worst of the beatings.

But, listening/watching the movie reminded me of so many important things that we take for granted. I was reminded that Jesus came to this earth as a man. He knew from his beginning as a man what his fate would be. Yet Jesus persevered. He could have easily said No, he could have easily said I will not die for these not good undeserving sinners. But he didn't. Instead, Jesus made waves. He challenged the Pharisees, he healed the sick and broken. He brought the dead back to life. He brought words of hope to the despaired. He told the truth of God and his word, he performed miracles, and taught others about love and righteousness. He did all this knowing man would fail him. He did all this without gaining riches or worldly possessions. He did all this not for fame or fortune, but for love of man.

Jesus was savagely beaten, tortured and crucified for being Jesus Christ the Messiah. Son of God and King of Kings. This man, the only perfect, blameless and unblemished man that had ever walked or ever will walk the earth. This man who had never committed a sin.

This man, that took every lash, every fist, every thorn for us. His beating was so severe, because the sin of man is severe. There was never a way that we could get to heaven on our own, because our sin was to great. Jesus had to take our inequities upon himself, shed his blood and die for us, so that our sins may be washed clean and we may enter heaven.

When we sing praise songs that say "I am saved by the blood". We are literally saved by the blood that spilled for us. The spilling of Jesus' blood has saved us. I think we take for granted just how much of a price Jesus paid for us.

Jesus gave his blood and his life. Are we showing Jesus just how grateful we are for that daily? I know I sure wasn't and now after last night, every word and action I do, makes me think if these are worthy words/actions of the price that Jesus paid for me. I am mindful now all the time to try and be worth everything that was paid for me.

As painful as it was for Jesus to be beaten and crucified for us, just think how much worse it hurts him when we turn our backs, or ignore him. I do not want to add to the pain that he already suffered for me. We will never and can never be perfect, but we can definitely try our hardest to be.

I am more grateful now that I have ever been for the price that was paid for me, I do not want to add to the pain. Jesus died for me, and for you. Everyday lets thank him for his sacrifice and remember the blood that covers and protects us, and washed away our sins was a high price that was paid for us. Jesus is King of Kings and the Messiah, he loves us so much, lets show Christ's love to other as well.