Trim the fat

If you are like most women, we worry about our weight. We feel that our self-worth is based off the number on the scale. It is something that helps are self-esteem. The lower the number the higher the self-esteem and self-worth.

I am no different than any other women. In high school, I was active in volleyball. After high school, I started a sedentary job. The weight slow crept up, add in a pregnancy and next thing I knew I was nearly 300 lbs. How the heck did this happen? I am sure that lack of exercise, and poor food choices helped to contribute, but in my case my genes were also working against me.

I tried every weight loss diet and fad I could find. Some worked temporarily, others not at all. My weight yo-yoed, up-down, up-down. I had always been pretty healthy other than the weight, no medical issues. Then one day my blood pressure at a Doctor appointment was crazy high. She thought I might have a case of the "white coat syndrome". So she had me do daily blood pressure checks for a month. Unfortunately, my blood pressure never went down and remained high. My doctor did not want to try medications just yet, as she felt weight loss would help to lower the blood pressure.

After some discussion about all the things I have tried and failed, and my genetics. We looked into surgical solutions. We chose to go with the gastric sleeve. Basically, part of my stomach was removed, so it is now about the size and shape of a small banana. I had a few side effects, many of them I still experience today. Things such as water nausea, vomiting and constipation. But I would not change my decision for anything.

I lost roughly 130 lbs., in about a 5 month period. Really it was too much, too fast. But because of the vomiting, I was practically anorexic. Once I figured out what my stomach could and could not handle, the vomiting has been under control and I gained about 35 lbs. back. It has been 6 years since my surgery and I have maintained a healthy weight ever since. It was the best decision I have ever made, it changed who I am as a person. My family says I am more friendly and out going, willing to do more than ever before. By the way, no more blood pressure issues!

I don't look like a supermodel. I won't grace the cover of any magazine. I have loose skin and I hate it. But as my brother recently told me, would you rather be fat or have loose skin. That put it in a perspective for me, loose skin it is.

Don't be discouraged if you are struggling with your weight. Trust in God and ask for help. Work hard, eat right and if your genes are working against you talk to your doctor.